The Tirastranded Campaign

Dominic's Memory is Foggy

Today’s date: 19 day of the Ram moon, 797

The group meets at the docks and hands in their passes for the Forgotten Wings ship. On the way up the gangplank, Falda produces the newly-created axe to Riga. There is a halfling courier on board the ship by the name of Billy Ryefield. Falda asks Billy to tell the story of the Illuminated Lady and Billy launches into a tale of how a young pregnant woman named Linda was betrayed by a sailor named Mr. Dark aboard a ship. Linda’s husband was stabbed and she and her unborn child were thrown overboard. She now haunts the seas while looking for her husband. Unlucky ships see a light and follow it, but fall into the Sinkwell. This is why she is called the Illuminated Lady.

Billy also talks about other things, such as the ulats, which are half-fish and half-men that love the flesh of children and women, and the Lonely Mist, which is a spirit with fey servants called Gale Sticks. When the Miri came to Mossland, only Fey lived there. The Miri chopped down the trees where spirits lived and built ships. The spirits resided in the wood of the ships and became Lonely Mists, which want to reclaim their bodies by making ships sink. Riga asked Billy if he knows Gandrella and Billy says yes. Lastly, Billy mentions that the captain of the Forgotten Wings had a tryst with a fey lady and hasn’t set food on land in the last twenty years.

As a courier working for Count Vico, Billy also shares that Count Vico had captured a Wizard of Winter (possibly Mr Glass) and put him on a ship bound for Lebsmouth. The ship got caught in a blizzard created by an ice demon (possibly Hailstone) and Mr Glass was freed.

The party settles down to dinner and eats a salty gruel. Dominic finishes eating and then excuses himself to guard the sleeping quarters per Falda’s request. Falda studies the Ilfo Kresto poems as he thinks there is an allegory to the Kolban Egg in there. Riga and Felylanna swaddle Dominic to rest for an hour. In his “sleep”, Dominic senses a darkness and feels dead hands pulling him towards it. One of the dead is Hailstone.

In the morning, Falda and Dominic are seasick. Dominic casts CURE DISEASE on Falda and Falda turns into a fog, getting carried off the ship. Luckily he reconstitutes and falls into the water. Falda summons a shark to carry him back to the ship and Dominic reminds himself to not cast divine spells on Falda. In his anger, Falda throws a punch at Dominic, but misses. In the sleeping quarters, Feylanna meets an adherent to the Unborn God of Lebsmouth travelling with an empty cradle. Feylanna questions him and he says that the cradle will remain empty until the unborn becomes reborn.

After breakfast consisting of gruel and some bread, the group hears hail hitting the deck for approximately fifteen minutes. There is a commotion above and suddenly, the ship is attacked by humanoid creatures with bat-like wings and scales. The party is able to defeat the attackers, but not before Dominic forgets the restriction on Falda and inadvertently uses a spell on Falda, turning him into fog once more.

The ship itself is being drawn towards a tree formed by mists…



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