The Tirastranded Campaign

Feylanna Gets a Cat

Today’s date: 24 day of the Ram moon

Dominic wakes up hungry and explains to Feylanna that, while she never awoke, she was mumbling incoherently in a language that wasn’t Kolban along with body contortions and maniacal chuckling. She said she doesn’t remember having any dreams. They group goes down to the dining room and joins Reno and Asgin for a brunch of chicken and mammoth with ale. Mammoth tartar and raw egg are also on offer and Dominic eats some. He was warned by the mosscat yesterday to only eat cooked foods and pair it with a strong alcoholic beverage and that doing this, would slow the progression of the madness of the Rokis curse. The purple mosscat also said that Dominic must properly repay Emilda and that, if he doesn’t, another form of misery will fall upon his shoulders. The cat also says Dominic must use what he knows of Emilda to find the proper form of payment because he does not want to face her empty handed and allow her to set her own price.

Reno and Asgin finish lunch and leave the room while Usuna comes in. She says Feylanna is a conduit and that perhaps we can communicate with Hailstone by putting her body in a state of near death. This would be accomplished by putting her soul in a magic jar. The group talks about selling the dragon shell fragment, which is worth about 8,000 gp, to cure Feylanna’s conduit condition. Usuna leaves the group to set everything up.

Root Hanson comes to the door and says he wants the group on the ship with Captain Dwahl. Root also wants us to specifically follow his orders without question. Feylanna casts HIDE FROM ANIMALS on Dominic and then she leaves to see if she can obtain a mosscat as an animal companion. The rest of the party goes to a sailor bar called the Floating Barrel to meet with Captain Dwahl. When they get there, they hear a retelling of the story of the Illuminated Lady. Dominci buys snacks for the table and Captain Dwahl says he heard that the group reported pirates between Klintmark and Mossland. The group tells the captain that Pentrop wants to stop the food shipment and that they will act as security for his ship. Captain Dwahl is also receptive to the idea of the Fairing Fowl taking an alternate route to deter any pursuers. Captain Dwahl says the group can come on the journey, but Riga notices a man that appears to be a fiend inside of the bar.

The man introduces himself as Grayson and is invited to work on the Fairing Fowl. The group follows Grayson outside when, suddenly, Grayson throws a vial on the ground and a vile-smelling cloud fills the street. Dominic throws up and passes out. Falda summons a couple of wasps but Grayson manages to escape before city guards arrive on the scene. Riga sees Grayson’s scarf and a pouch full of silvers on the ground, which she takes.

Feylanna goes to Gandrelle’s house to find a mosscat companion. Gandrelle says she will assist Feylanna in getting one. Riga and Falda carry Dominic back to the Floating Barrel, where Root says that Dominic will wake up in 30 minutes. They return to the Malakis house where Dominic wakes up and casts LESSER RESTORATION on Falda. In the house, they find a note from Feylanna telling them she went to the forest. Dominic stays home to recover while Falda and Riga go out looking for Feylanna. Feylanna returns to the Malakis house with a mosscat in toe. Feylanna leaves the house to go looking for Falda and Riga but leaves the dragon shell fragment with Dominic.

Everyone finally returns and they show the dragon shell fragment to Reno and Asgin. Asgin doesn’t have the cash for it, but makes the deal to purchase it. The party ties Feylanna up and traps her soul in the magic jar. Falda casts RESIST ENERGY (cold) on everyone before the ritual starts…



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