The Tirastranded Campaign

Gale Sticks Can't Sink Ships

Today’s date: 20 day of the Ram moon, 797

The ship is still being forced towards the mist-tree due to a gale stick, a fey creature that wants to get the wood from ships and is willing to sink them and kill their passengers to do so. Riga grabs Billy Ryefield from below deck and asks him if he knows of any way to defeat the gale stick, but all he can come up with is that it would be susceptible to cold iron. Falda basically summons an entire zoo, creating wasps and sharks and eagles and a rowboat full of monkeys to go and attack the gale stick at the center of the mist-tree. The gale stick summons lightning and blasts some of the creatures out of existence. Dominic casts COMMUNAL RESIST ENERGY to protect the party from electricity, but forgets about Falda’s current divine magic curse and Falda gets thrown back into mist form again. Dominic’s memory is terrible.

Falda is able to reconstitute in the water. The rest of the party gets in the last rowboat and rows out towards the mist-tree, picking up Falda along the way. As they get closer to the mist-shaped tree, they see the gale stick. It is a male with silver-blue hair, smooth features, and is about as tall as a human. He is armed with a staff and is able to float. Riga tries to reason with it, but the gale stick doesn’t listen and combat starts!

The fey casts MIRROR IMAGE and suddenly there are multiple images of it. Falda casts SPIDER CLIMB on Riga and summons a wasp to collect the staff from the fey creature. Feylanna shoots her bow with uncanny accuracy and is able to cut down the number of images the group has to deal with. Riga stabs the fey with the cold iron trident. The wasp manages to snag the staff and Falda kills the fey by casting HEAVENLY FIRE.

The group returns to the Forgotten Wings as victors. Billy Ryefield gives them the use of his first-class cabin for the duration of the trip out of appreciation. Falda takes advantage of the private room and studies the staff, which turns out to be a SHOCKING QUARTERSTAFF +1 [ Party Equipment updated]. Dominic gets swaddled and rests for an hour; when he wakes up, a meal of fresh fish is delivered to the cabin and they all eat.

After dinner, Feylanna and Riga go to the ship’s captain and ask him about Pentrop. They find out Pentrop was picked up in Foggy Hollow by the Rokis Flier ship, which took him to Klintmark. The captain heard pirates were in the waters surrounding Klintmark. Feylanna and Riga return to the cabin, but on the way back, Riga tells Feylanna that an aura surrounds her and that Hailstone is somehow connected to Feylanna. Riga, Feylanna, and Falda go to sleep while Dominic keeps watch outside of the room.

In the morning, Falda looks terrible, most likely from the encounter with the ghouls. Dominic and Feylanna talk to the ship’s doctor and get some herbs that, while not healing Falda, will keep the sickness at bay for a while. Falda notices his ring is missing again and it turns up in Feylanna’s possession again. Apparently, she took it in her sleep and put it on. She sheepishly returns the ring to Falda.

The group notices frost on the windows and an iceberg in the sea, neither of which is normal. A dwarven stranger that they haven’t seen before approaches them on the deck and introduces himself as Wintersun. His pupils are oval and resemble Hailstone’s eyes, so he is probably another ice demon. Wintersun says he serves Kolban, whom he calls the unwanted child of the Petrified Lady and Lord Hammer, and wants to make a deal. He offers assistance in retrieving the Kolban Egg and in return, the party will be compensated. Wintersun also says the Cober Stone is less important than the Kolban Egg. Falda wants to attack Wintersun, but the demon disappears before it can happen.



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