The Tirastranded Campaign

Getting to the Festival

Today’s date: 22 day of the Ram moon

Dominic sits in the small cabin tirelessly studying the Nobles of Lebsmouth book through the night while the rest of the party sleeps quietly. Early in the morning, Feylanna is the first to rouse. She gets up and looks around and mumbles something that Dominic doesn’t quite make out as he is engulfed in his reading, but he looks up and asks her what she said. She suddenly starts screaming that she cannot find her head and she wakes up the rest of the group. Riga’s theory is that the dead stay with Feylanna somehow and that the yelling was Hailstone looking for his head. Falda looks terribly sticken with the ghoul fever and Dominic estimates that he has about three days left before he dies. Breakfast is brought to the room and the meal eaten in worried silence.

On the top deck, an enormous shark attacks the ship. The group minus Falda go above to see it and Dominic is attacked by the shark, which jumps up high and bites him. Falda appears and brings Riga’s trident and Feylanna’s bow. Falda summons four squid that surround the shark and keep it occupied while the ship sails away. Feylanna casts HIDE FROM ANIMALS on Dominic to prevent further animal attacks. The day passes with lunch and dinner being served and no further oddities occurring. In the evening, Riga attempts to call Shantarra, her spirit guide, but Shantarra doesn’t answer.

Wintersun returns and says it is obvious the party isn’t ready to make a deal and that, when they are ready, he will return to discuss the terms. He says to contact Fellan Andaro, a Quartzar in Lebsmouth that works for Kolban. Wintersun says that this all started with the Tome of Abis. The Tome released the knowledge of the Kolban Egg into Falda. Gobain tried to get to Falda and manipulate him through the Tome. Wintersun also says that Gobain would be the only Wizard of Winter mad enough to work with the Albino Prince and against the King of Lebsmouth.

The night passes and in the morning, the ship pulls into port. Other ships in the port include the Fairing Fowl, the Rising Eagle, and the Floating Pearl, Baron Burmeck’s ship. All of a sudden, the Forgotten Wings is attacked by a swarm of tiny crabs! Feylanna casts WINDWALL and Falda casts BURNING HANDS to keep the crabs at bay. Riga saves a group of people and Dominic heals a couple, saving them from certain death.

Finally free of the crab swarm, the party makes its way to docks. There is a Cleric of Ram that seems to be tricking people into having sex with sheep for payment by transforming the sheep into beautiful women without the buyer’s knowledge. The group walks in the direction of Gandrella’s place but Dominic sees Usuna from the Gilded Grace in the marketplace. Usuna repeats that she needs crushed up gemstones to cure the party of the Tears of Mawramei curse. They ask her if she knows a healer in town that can cure ghoul fever and she directs them to a man named Mr Malakis. They make their way there and he demands payment in order to cure Falda. Falda offers up his dancing shoe and Mr. Malakis accepts. He gives the money to Usuna to start the ritual and cure Falda of his Hollow…



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