The Tirastranded Campaign

History from Hailstone

Today’s date: 25 day of the Ram’s Moon

Feylanna enters the soul jar and ice appears on her body. The party feels like something is moving inside of their bellies, but only Falda thinks it is real and he suffers CON damage as a result. The group is now able to talk to Hailstone after Dominic casts SPEAK WITH DEAD. Hailstone says that the Rokis family betrayed the Par-Rofin and Onida. The Kolbans slayed all of the Par-Rofin they could find. The Rokis betrayal didn’t go unnoticed; they were richly rewarded but were cursed by the Par-Rofin. Hailstone says that only the descendants of the Par-Rofin can loft the Rokis Curse, but Hailstone doubts any would.

Feylanna wakes up gasping and says that a spirit was asking her about the Tome of Abbis and the Kolban Egg. She said the spirit’s name was Drosdar Dragontongue and that he could read her mind. Dominic rests for an hour and then casts LESSER RESTORATION on Falda, curing his Constitution damage. Usuna arrives to cure Feylanna of her affliction while Riga and Falda leave to visit Odemar.

Riga and Falda arrive at Odemar’s house and Odemar’s servant notices Riga’s squid ring before withdrawing. Odemar admits to helping Madea Rokis by communing with Usbeth so the devil below could answer her questions and give her information on how to lift the Rokis Curse. Odemar says he can put Madea to rest after she was killed by Usbeth. The three of them sailed to the Sinkwell and Madea gave birth to Pravus in the boat. She promised her child for the answers to her questions, but then refused to give up her child and she threw herself overboard. Oedemar fled, assuming Pravus and his father died. It is said that whoever holds the Eye of the Devil is possessed by Usbeth, who is trapped under the ice of the White Sea. Falda and Riga return to the Malakis house and everyone sleeps.

In the morning, Usuna returns and cures Dominic of the Tears of Mwramei curse. The party has breakfast with Reno and Mrs Malakis, Asgin, and Usuna. They find out that the Par-Rofin were part fey and led the Rofin empire. The Mancari are full fey and come from the Kolban Plateau, but hate the Kolbans. The Par-Rofin are possibly in Miragenon. The Onida are fey near Lake Nemar and their realm was thrust into Miragenon so any surviving Onida probably are not the same. Asgin says the Par-Rofin are hated on the Kolban Plateau and that killing them is usually considered heroic.

After breakfast, the group thanks Reno for his hospitality and heads toward their ship. They are attacked again by the mysterious force. Falda runs towards Sentry Castle with Dominic and Riga chasing him while Feylanna holds the ship from leaving. They look for Sir Gracebourne and hear that Lady Freisen is with him. They meet a cleric of Ylgoth named Igiza who says that he nees the soul of Magoro. Igiza says the soul was stolen and that if Falda has no fear, it will go away. Falda tells Sir Gracebourne to call him Falda. The group meets back up at the ship and they sail off…



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