The Tirastranded Campaign

Hollow Gone

Today’s date: 23 day of the Ram moon

Falda is ordered to take a bath as part of the ritual to cure him of the Hollow. While in the bath, he is drugged and falls asleep so Usuna can more easily complete the healing ritual. Dominic asks if he can watch the ritual and Usuna is amenable. Usuna places crushed gemstones and Falda’s face and mouth and mumbles some esoteric words. She indicates that the ritual is complete and Dominic casts REMOVE DISEASE to cure Falda of his ghoul fever. The rest of the group take a bath and Feylanna and Riga notice that there are fresh, clean dresses for them to wear when they finish bathing.

They sit down for lunch and are joined by Reno Malakis, his wife, Felina Malakis, Usuna, and a dwarven merchant and minor noble named Asgin Irontoe from Amberwall. An icebeak named Clara flies in and lands on Asgin’s shoulder. Lunch is served and it is mammoth soup and then a mammoth trunk over a kale salad. The mammoth was supplied by Asgin and is considered a delicacy where he is from. Reno says that he and Felina will be at a party that night in Century Castle and that they will also see the play by Sir Graceborn, Falda’s birth father. Reno also says that they can remain at his place as his guests.

After lunch, the party goes towards Gandrella’s place. Unfortunately, Dominic starts sinking into the soft ground and is forced to be carried the rest of the way to Gandrella’s. Gandrella is told that Ben is accused of killing Sir Barry and that Ben’s current whereabouts are unknown. Gandrella tells Dominic to pay back Emilda and to get Pravus back from Miragenon because the sinking ground is part of the curse. Dominic says he will do that as soon as he can.

The group leaves and runs into Soren Rendrick who is working security for Tristan. Soren lets them know where he is staying in the Sunrise area. Then the group goes to Candleman’s. Riga says that a vision from the Temple of Nesciec led him there to deliver a message. Inside, Riga meets Sir Macy Candleman and tells him “The thunder wolf must roam.” He also asks Riga if he has spoken with Baron Elisand. Macy Candleman says that the Temple of Nesciec can destroy the Kolban Egg. The group is still confused as to who should end up with the egg. They leave and end back up at Reno Malakis’s house.



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