The Tirastranded Campaign

Oh Rats

Today’s date: 21 day of the Ram moon

After Falda misses Wintersun on the deck, he decides to return to the cabin to sleep. On his way back, Riga gives him a Plague Rat Belt that will assist him in fending off his illness. Falda gives Dominic a book entitled Nobles of Lebsmouth and Dominic decides to go back to the cabin as well to read it. Feylanna and Riga remain on deck and see the southern tip of Mossland. Feylanna’s sharp eyes also see a strange grouping of seagulls coming towards them. After a few minutes, the seagull grouping reaches the ship and starts flying around, being nuisances to the crew and shitting all over the deck.

Feylanna goes to the cabin and notifies Dominic. Dominic decides to go up and peek his head out of the ship to take a look. This turns out to be a mistake as one of the seagulls dive bombs Dominic’s face. Luckily, he is able to dodge out of the way and Feylanna grabs the bird with her quick reflexes and kills it. She says she’s seen something similar and that Dominic should return to the cabin. He listens to Feylanna and once he does, the birds in the sky depart. The ship’s crew take this time to clean themselves and the deck of the massive amounts of bird droppings. Dominic casts DETECT MAGIC on the dead bird, but doesn’t find any residual traces of magic on it.

Meanwhile, Falda has an encounter with Wintersun, still in dwarf form, inside of the cabin. Wintersun again tried to make a deal with the party for getting the Kolban Egg back and, in return, offered to lift the veil on who betrayed the group and who stole the Kolban Egg from them. Falda demands assurances from Wintersun that the Kolban Egg won’t be used to harm the Miri people. Wintersun disappears soon after that.

Falda explains his encounter to everybody else and they discuss what to do with the Kolban Egg once they get it back (assuming they get it back). The Kolban Egg can be given to the Temple of Nesciec, Baron Burmeck, Wintersun, OR the group can just keep it to use for themselves (Falda’s idea). While the conversation is taking place, dinner of fish, potatoes, and beer is delivered to the room. The discussion turns to Gandrella, who is Ben’s great grandaunt. She lives in Mossland in Reachport and the group talks about meeting up with her. As the hour is getting late, Dominic is swaddled for an hour, then takes watch while the rest sleep.

During the night, Dominic notices a rat in the hallway that seems to be gesturing to him to follow. Dominic follows the rat to the ship’s lower deck storeroom and is swarmed by hundreds upon hundreds of rats. He claws his way back above and alerts his companions to what happened. They have the ship’s crew search the hold, but no rats are found. Falda doesn’t believe Dominic’s story. Riga says that Pravus had the same problem of aggressive animals around the Ram’s Horn time as well. It is then that everybody notices the Ring of Protection that Falda wears is missing again. Feylanna doesn’t have it this time, but Riga has a hunch and checks the box that is holding Hailstone’s head. The ring is inside of Hailstone’s mouth…



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