The Tirastranded Campaign

Play's Aftermath

Today’s date: 23 day of the Ram moon

After the play ends, the group remembers that Root had said that he didn’t send the invitation or the passes on the Forgotten Wings to them. The group spends a few minutes creating a list of how many people would want them at the Ram’s Horn Festival and for what nefarious purpose. No light is shed on this mystery as of now.

A tall blonde woman takes the stage. She whispers, “We’ve seen how Mir elevated Lady Moss. Now we will see her power over Mossland.” Halflings bring a pile of logs on stage. The blonde lady then says, “Lady Moss, help us call spirits of Mossland to sing songs of fertility. Spirits, listen to your mistress. Take this wood as your body.” White flowers and acorns grow out of the logs and wooden owls appear inside of the flowers. Above the stage, there are three black fey sitting and watching the proceedings. The fey point at Dominic and then one of them starts gnawing at the ropes holding the large group of logs. Suddenly, a fire starts under the logs and then chaos ensues. A humanoid being appears that seems to eject electricity from its body every time it teleports somewhere else. The owls start attacking the onlookers. The blonde lady is trying to control the flaming logs while the big purple cat kills a black fey in its mouth.

After the group dispatches the multiple threats, they assess the auditorium and find around twenty people dead. The party is able to prevent four people from dying. Billy Ryefield shows up and tells them that the blonde woman is a witch named Gwasil. He also brings the group to the VIP gates and they go in, but not before Falda’s staff is taken away.

Inside of the Century Castle, they see Usuna taking part in a ritual of Solomon, the sun god in front of Count Vico and his guests. She then does another, darker ritual where a man dressed in burlap drinks from a goblet and falls dead. Serpents come out of his body and some of the partygoers eat the serpents. This is a ritual of Ulgoth, the deity that lives in a channel between the mainland and Mossland. Feylanna immediately starts staggering because a person died right in front of her. She suddenly screams, “Where is my head?!”, grabs Dominic, and holds him over the railing. Falda calms Feylanna down as a servant brings some muffins on a tray.

While they eat their muffins, Billy Ryefield appears with two women on his arm. Falda decides to take part in some womanly treats like Billy while the rest of the group goes to the main floor and speaks with Lady Friesen. She asks if the party is going to TIrastrand and says she hopes it is more than Pentrop bargained for. She then glides away to talk to other people before the group has time to decipher her cryptic message.



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