The Tirastranded Campaign

Relieved of the Demon Head

Today’s date: 21 day of the Ram moon

While walking through the ship, Riga decides to speak with the adherent to the Cult of the Unborn God. The cultist says that the portents are here and the Unborn God is coming soon. Riga asks if the Unborn God is related to Tira and the cultist says that in the sense that the Unborn God has the blood of Mir and so does Tira, so they are related in that way. The man says that he is traveling to the Ram’s Horn Festival and hopes that the fertility rites will speed up the birth of the Unborn God and that the sign will be obvious when it happens. Riga casts UNSEEN SERVANT to rock the cradle for the cultist so he can take a break.

Back in the cabin, a meal of a large fish, potatoes, and beer is delivered to the cabin. They are about to eat when the fish turns to Dominic and says, “Don’t trust the rats.” Dominic shakes his head to clear it and asks the rest of the group if they heard what happened. They didn’t, and to prove it, Falda takes an enormous chunk of fish and starts chowing down. The group hears a rumor that there was a mysterious dwarf seen on deck and that Billy Ryefield was saying that it was the ghost of Shortreef Roger. The party knows that it was probably Wintersun and they go on deck.

Billy Ryefield tells Feylanna about the ghost of Shortreef Roger and the increase in piracy in the area. Roger’s accomplice was a large Miri warrior called the Sea Fox. The Sea Fox killed his crew with something similar to the Abaresk Plague to escape capture; is he possibly the Albino Prince? Before that, he kidnapped Lady Linden, the daughter of King Valdemar. It was said that she fell in love with the Sea Fox during her captivity. She was ransomed and returned and a crusade against the pirates was undertaken. Lady Linden was then engaged to Sir Aaron Grimes, the Captain of the Marin Ram. Legend has it that he was given the Gisborn, given to him by his father from King Valdemar as a wedding present. However, Lady Linden called off the wedding, presumably because she was still in love with the Sea Fox. After telling his tales, Billy invites the group to a play written by a famous Lebsmouth playwright at the keep, called the Seduction of Lady Moss. At the news of this, Falda grows more sullen than normal. He says that the playwright is his probably his real father and that he doesn’t want to see him.

Dominic, chock full of Lebsmouth knowledge, shares what he knows of the Huesholms (all this information will be on the Wiki). Huesholms are a legendary family in Lebsmouth with the current head being Baron Henrik Huesholm. Gilhorn Huesholm was the first king of Lebsmouth, and the Huesholm line reigned until King Hengel I fled Lebsmouth in 525 as the city was being ravaged by the Abaresk Plague and on the threshold of the Decade of Winter.

When Lebsmouth was resettled after the Decade of Winter, Vandril Gelgar claimed the throne, but took Hengel’s daughter Linden as his wife, and she gave birth to King Hengel II. The Gelgar and Huesholm families intermarried again in 630 when King Gorm II Gelgar married Emilda Huesholm, the great grandmother of current King Hengel IV.

The Huesholms are revered among the Miri as a family of pure Miri blood whose lineage goes back to first Miri. The family has several albinos, and it is considered a sign of their purity of Mir blood. The family were founders and first kings of the city of Huesholm on Lake Miri, but King Darmokim Huesholm renounced the throne and sent his sons in search of the Darmiras Path instead of becoming Kings of Huesholm. Howerver, his son Gilhorn managed to become King of Lebsmouth instead.

Back in their cabin, Dominic is swaddled for an hour and then a fish that Feylanna caught earlier is served up. The door is knocked upon and Wintersun is invited in. Negotiations ensure about what to do with the Kolban Egg and how the Kolban Egg is not to be used if it is returned to Wintersun and the Kolbans. The negotiations haven’t been completed and all parties agree to resume in the future, but Wintersun does agree to take Hailstone’s head and give it the proper Kolban burial rituals.



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