The Tirastranded Campaign

Taking In a Show

Today’s date: 23 day of the Ram moon

Back in Reno’s house and Feylanna gets an unquenchable hunger for more mammoth. While she is led into the kitchen to eat more, a halfling woman comes in with two chickens and a rooster. Immediately, Dominic hears them arguing amongst themselves about how stupid Dominic is and how he should have listened to Emilda and asked Hailstone a lot more questions. Dominic brings the chickens to his room and attempts to question them further, but continues to get stubborn, bird-brain answers and agrees to let them free out the window. He gives the halfling woman 2 sp to go to the market to replace the birds. Dominic casts LESSER RESTORATION on Falda to cure up some of the ghoul fever damage and the group heads to the docks.

On the way there, more strange animal behavior as a group of birds shits all over the group, including two city guards. A guard dog also tries to attack Dominic, but Riga yanks the dog back in time. Feylanna casts HIDE FROM ANIMALS on Dominic to prevent further weirdness. The party reaches the docks and rents a rowboat for 5 sp and rows towards the Fairing Fowl. Feylanna casts DISGUISE SELF and puts on the appearance of Root Hanson. Feylanna, Riga, and Falda go aboard the Fairing Fowl while Dominic stays with the rowboat. Falda casts VANISH on himself several times to sneak around on the ship.

Back on the rowboat, Dominic is hassled by three black fey, who taunt and throw shit at him and untie the rowboat from the ship. Dominic wants nothing more than to attack them, but he is able to keep his cool and ignore them for the most part. On the ship, Falda casts SPEAK WITH ANIMALS and questions a rat named Big Daddy Rat, but Big Daddy Rat hasn’t seen Ben around on the ship. Feylanna finds Root’s room, but no actual Root. The group leaves the ship and heads back to the dock. They return the rowboat and Falda goes into the pilot office and asks if they know Odemar. They do and point Falda to the Sunrise District.

The group returns to Malakis’ house to change clothes and ask Asgin Irontoe if he knows Odemar. He says Odemar does things that others won’t for a price and that he is rumored to have a connection with spirits of the sea. The party then goes to Sentry Castle to watch a play. Feylanna and Dominic check their weapons with the guards at the gate and they go in. They see Billy Ryefield and Root Hanson, who is standing near Tom Hafner, the acolyte of Hatcher. They talk to Root and he says that Ben went missing after Sir Barry’s death and that Sir Barry was stabbed in Count Rivett’s castle in Elmsgrove. He invites them to the Sentry Castle party after the play.

They see Sir Graceborn, the playwright, in the VIP section as the play begins. The story is about Captain Kavar and his men and their difficulty of trying to hunt and farm on a land that doesn’t seem to have animals or arable soil. A tall blonde woman, Bahdredva, hands a spear to a Miri woman on a tapestry. Bahdredva turns into a halfling woman and is approached by a purple cat. The cat promises to provide food to Kavar and his men. The cat sings love songs to Captain Kavar but he asks Mir for help. The play ends…



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