Dominic Rokis

Cleric of Leben/Healer/Scribe


Dominic is a cleric with the Healing and Liberation Domains played by Alex.

Dominic is 5’8", not overly muscled, but lean. He has medium-length dark hair, turquoise eyes, and the trademark wide mouth of the Lebites. He wears scale male with a symbol of the Leben fish emblazoned on the breast and carries around a heavy mace. He also has a wooden Leben symbol hanging around his neck.


Dominic Rokis was born and raised in Lebsmouth, primarily by his kindly grandfather, Amos, as both of Dominic’s parents were claimed by the Rokis curse when he was a boy. One of Dominic’s favourite childhood memories is going fishing with Amos. Something about the gently rocking boat while Amos filled his head with stories of his youth gave Dominic a sense of nostalgia of a simpler time.

Grandfather Amos sits on the influential Board of Governors of the Rokis Trading Company. Dominic himself had nothing to do with his family’s business; he was a healer and scribe in the local church and was best known for being methodical and organized in his duties. Whilst Amos wished Dominic would have been more involved in the Trading Company, he respected that Dominic’s destiny followed a different path.

Unfortunately, Dominic’s life took a turn for the tragic when his only child, a daughter named Eleni, was afflicted by the curse. He and his wife, Bella, gave her every type of healing potion known to them and prayed for her recovery, but Eleni eventually succumbed to the horrible effects and took her own life by jumping into the water and drowning. Bella and Dominic were overwhelmed by grief and Dominic, with full backing from his wife, promised to use his healing knowledge and faith in the gods to scour the lands to find a cure for the so-called “Rokis Curse”. While Lebites (and Dominic in particular) aren’t noted for their bravery or fondness for battle, Dominic is willing to sacrifice his comfort for the greater good. He has armed himself with a mace and his faith and will do his best to return to his people bearing, if not a cure, than hope for one.

Dominic Rokis

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