Aslak Morchem 'Falda'



Falda is a sorcerer played by Arnold.


Aslak Morchem is the son of Jarnar Morchem and Vonbjart Falda. Vonbjart was killed in child birth and Jarnar blamed the boy and brought all of his unhappiness and rage down on him. It is amazing Aslak survived the daily beatings and verbal abuse. None in the village were aware of what was happening inside the Morchem house until the day Aslak fled. He was six years old. As fate would have it, his flight ended up in the smithy, where Smitty Stark found him cowering behind a pile of scrap. Hearing the child’s tale, Stark silently reddened. He got up slowly, stalked across town and beat Jarnar to within an inch of his life. No one knows what was said in the house that day, but Jarnar rarely came out of his home and spoke to no one from that moment until he left Tirastrand on the trading vessel five weeks later.

Stark took in the affable young lad and allowed him a palette in the smithy in exchange for firewood chores and cleaning. As Aslak matured, Smitty Stark had high hopes that he might pick up the trade. He had the broad shoulders and nimble fingers of a smith, but Aslak just never quite caught on. Still Stark was fond of the young man and didn’t put him out, even when he had long outgrown the role of chore boy. Still Aslak dutifully spent his days tending the forge fires and sorting the metal scrap. At night he would sweep the smithy after Stark had gone home and then stop by the Stark house to pick up some dinner leftovers which he would take back to the smithy and eat by himself.

A few months ago, Aslak started visiting Odani. He kept asking questions about changes he was going through. He was seeking spiritual guidance. At first, his circumspect questions led Odani to believe he was just hitting puberty late, which made their “counseling sessions” quite awkward. Then one day Aslak said he believed he was possessed by a devil. “I can do things I don’t understand, I’m afraid I will lose control” With that he turned and shot a ray from his fingertips at a broken chair in the junkyard. The chair instantly became covered in frost despite the warm temperature. Odani grinned “what you have there,” he said arcing a lightning bolt onto the chair splitting it in two “is not a curse, but a gift from Mir!” Their friendship grew as Odani helped him to understand the changes he was going through in a different light. Aslak came to better understanding of the power and glory of Mir, all the while wondering why he was singled out to receive this gift.

When he began hanging out with the adventuring crew, he asked his new friends to call him Falda. It was his mothers maiden name and he had always held it inside as a piece of her. Now that he was growing into something he aspired to be, he felt it appropriate to put a name to his new identity. His erratic behavior and frequent unexplained disappearances, strained his relationship with the Stark family, but it was the death of Smitty’s son Raven that permanently severed the relationship. Raven was killed in another realm and when the party returned they found a fiendish version off Raven had taken his place in the community. It fell to Falda to try to explain not only Ravens death, but also the incredible danger that the entity everyone perceived as Raven represented. Needless to say no amount of explanation would help Smitty accept that his son was dead and he needed to kill the boy that was walking through town looking exactly like him.

Falda had never liked Tirastrand. Now it seemed that no matter how hard he tried to help, he always ended up blamed for what went wrong. He had to get off the island, but how? He needed wealth and he needed power, both of which were in short supply and far beyond his reach…

At least he had friends.

Aslak Morchem 'Falda'

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