Riga Orendi

Barbarian/Oracle/Rage Prophet


Riga is a rage prophet (barbarian/oracle) played by Dale.

Riga is of average height for a Miri woman, which means that she is shorter than most of the Miri men. She is very strong, but that strength is more hardened wiry sinew than brawny bulk. More cat like, than bear like. She carries herself in a state of constant alertness. This expresses itself as a sort of crouch, where she holds her hands at waist level a little farther away from the body than seems natural. It also gives one the impression of a wild animal.

Her wild reddish hair is a constant reminder of her Cloudwalker heritage. She wears it in a long crest, roughly shaved on the sides, the longer back area is braided in a Miri warrior’s style. Traveling and on business around town she is clad in a chain shirt over rough pants, boots, and a thin leather skirt. A green cloak with white rabbit fur collar finishes the ensemble. She has grown up quickly in the last few months looking less and less like the young girl who left Karan.


Years ago Riga’s mother Mella married a man named Arik from a far off land, who had traveled far and wide across the world. He came to the island with a trading ship that had hit bad weather and needed a safe port.

Their marriage caused quite a scandal, especially as Mella and her family were not well off and the more influential families wanted their daughters to marry this wealthy seafarer. Truth be told Arik was neither wealthy nor reputable, more of a brigand than a respectable sailor. When Riga was born Arik left Mella in disgust as she had not sired a son as he had hoped she would. Mella was left to raise Riga alone with little prospects to speak of. She was spurned by most of the community, but she found an arrangement with a well-to-do farmer named Londo Rex and his wife Hera.

Rex was, and is still to this day, a venal and petty man. In contrast, his wife Hera is known throughout the village for her generosity and kindness. Hera has made sure that Mella and Riga have at least a meager roof over their heads and food to survive.

Riga grew up with a reputation as somewhat of a wild tomboy. She could often be found scrapping with boy’s nearly two full heads taller than her. She developed her independent and rough exterior out of necessity. Ridiculed by many of her peers on the island, the red hair she inherited from her father made her a focal point for sneers, sideways looks and hushed whispers. She spent most of her time alone or with Feylana exploring the woods just at the edges of the farms. They didn’t venture deep into the darkness though, there were strange things out there. Later Riga would find out just how strange.

She befriended an old drunk named Bosk. He taught her how to trap, hunt a bit and fight. Bosk left the island as a youth to go find adventure out in the greater world, but instead only found war and strife. He returned bitter and some say crazy. When he’s really drunk he spouts stories of far away places and monsters, some real and some completely fabricated. Bosk was killed when the dwarve Hest and the Marin Ram came to the island.

Riga is deeply effected by the absence of her father, though she would never admit it. She hold considerable resentment towards him for leaving her mother and her. She often fantasizes about meeting him in some far off place where she extracts her revenge. When she finally does meet him she’ll either kick his ass – or give him a hug. She’s not sure which, she’ll decide when it happens.

Riga also resents the fact that Miri women are treated differently than Miri men. This is most likely connected to her abandonment issues. She feels that she has at least as much to offer as most men do.

She is angry at the world in general and a wildness in her heart compels her to act when she should think. She thought things would be better out in the “big world” that Bosk used to tell her stories about, but it’s just more of the same, but maybe a bit more complicated.

Even though she is quick to anger, her main motivation is to help people and fight in the name of the members of society who can’t fight for themselves. She cares little for rules and laws (except when it is an issue of self preservation) and responds better to actions and deeds.

On the sea voyage from Karan the ship they were on was set upon by an Ice Demon named Hailstone. He killed Riga…

She awoke alive three days later. It was several days before she could talk again and she hasn’t told anyone the complete story of what exactly happened to her. Maybe she can now that she helped defeat Hailstone at the Rookery.

Riga Orendi

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