The Tirastranded Campaign

Aboard the Fairing Fowl

Today’s date: 25 day of the Ram’s Moon

The group is on the Fairing Fowl ship headed to Tirastrand with the belowdecks full of Gani settlers. Riga has been appointed Chief of Security and Root Hanson and acolyte Tom Hafner are also on board. Both Hafner and Dawhl are Count Rivett people.

A meeting is held between the party and Captain Dwahl where it is decided that taking the direct route to Tirastrand is the way to go. The circuitous route plan was changed when the fiend named Grayson overheard it. After the meeting, Riga speaks to a Miri passenger who tells him that the Miri people think they will receive a plot of land on Tirastrand. A sailor named Nick the Saint recognizes Riga and calls her Riga the Risen and says he is close with the gods.

The group meets for dinner in Captain Dwahl’s cabin. Dwahl tells of his past and how he served aboard a ship called the Arrowfish in the Pirate Crusades. He tells stories of Count Monar and the Grimes family. When he is finished, Hafner excuses himself and Root, Feylanna, and Dominic take first watch.

Feylanna hears a vague knocking belowdecks and investigates it by herself. She sees a four-fingered burned handprint on a door and Root says that behind the door are some violent Gani criminals. Riga hears whistling from behind the door and after opening it, sees a black handprint on the other side of the door. One of the Gani prisoners spits out a little finger bitten off of another prisoner and says that the fey told them to do it. The group informs Captain Dwahl immediately and is told that Count Rivett authorized the prisoners to become slaves.



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