The Tirastranded Campaign

Hollow Gone

Today’s date: 23 day of the Ram moon

Falda is ordered to take a bath as part of the ritual to cure him of the Hollow. While in the bath, he is drugged and falls asleep so Usuna can more easily complete the healing ritual. Dominic asks if he can watch the ritual and Usuna is amenable. Usuna places crushed gemstones and Falda’s face and mouth and mumbles some esoteric words. She indicates that the ritual is complete and Dominic casts REMOVE DISEASE to cure Falda of his ghoul fever. The rest of the group take a bath and Feylanna and Riga notice that there are fresh, clean dresses for them to wear when they finish bathing.

They sit down for lunch and are joined by Reno Malakis, his wife, Felina Malakis, Usuna, and a dwarven merchant and minor noble named Asgin Irontoe from Amberwall. An icebeak named Clara flies in and lands on Asgin’s shoulder. Lunch is served and it is mammoth soup and then a mammoth trunk over a kale salad. The mammoth was supplied by Asgin and is considered a delicacy where he is from. Reno says that he and Felina will be at a party that night in Century Castle and that they will also see the play by Sir Graceborn, Falda’s birth father. Reno also says that they can remain at his place as his guests.

After lunch, the party goes towards Gandrella’s place. Unfortunately, Dominic starts sinking into the soft ground and is forced to be carried the rest of the way to Gandrella’s. Gandrella is told that Ben is accused of killing Sir Barry and that Ben’s current whereabouts are unknown. Gandrella tells Dominic to pay back Emilda and to get Pravus back from Miragenon because the sinking ground is part of the curse. Dominic says he will do that as soon as he can.

The group leaves and runs into Soren Rendrick who is working security for Tristan. Soren lets them know where he is staying in the Sunrise area. Then the group goes to Candleman’s. Riga says that a vision from the Temple of Nesciec led him there to deliver a message. Inside, Riga meets Sir Macy Candleman and tells him “The thunder wolf must roam.” He also asks Riga if he has spoken with Baron Elisand. Macy Candleman says that the Temple of Nesciec can destroy the Kolban Egg. The group is still confused as to who should end up with the egg. They leave and end back up at Reno Malakis’s house.

Getting to the Festival

Today’s date: 22 day of the Ram moon

Dominic sits in the small cabin tirelessly studying the Nobles of Lebsmouth book through the night while the rest of the party sleeps quietly. Early in the morning, Feylanna is the first to rouse. She gets up and looks around and mumbles something that Dominic doesn’t quite make out as he is engulfed in his reading, but he looks up and asks her what she said. She suddenly starts screaming that she cannot find her head and she wakes up the rest of the group. Riga’s theory is that the dead stay with Feylanna somehow and that the yelling was Hailstone looking for his head. Falda looks terribly sticken with the ghoul fever and Dominic estimates that he has about three days left before he dies. Breakfast is brought to the room and the meal eaten in worried silence.

On the top deck, an enormous shark attacks the ship. The group minus Falda go above to see it and Dominic is attacked by the shark, which jumps up high and bites him. Falda appears and brings Riga’s trident and Feylanna’s bow. Falda summons four squid that surround the shark and keep it occupied while the ship sails away. Feylanna casts HIDE FROM ANIMALS on Dominic to prevent further animal attacks. The day passes with lunch and dinner being served and no further oddities occurring. In the evening, Riga attempts to call Shantarra, her spirit guide, but Shantarra doesn’t answer.

Wintersun returns and says it is obvious the party isn’t ready to make a deal and that, when they are ready, he will return to discuss the terms. He says to contact Fellan Andaro, a Quartzar in Lebsmouth that works for Kolban. Wintersun says that this all started with the Tome of Abis. The Tome released the knowledge of the Kolban Egg into Falda. Gobain tried to get to Falda and manipulate him through the Tome. Wintersun also says that Gobain would be the only Wizard of Winter mad enough to work with the Albino Prince and against the King of Lebsmouth.

The night passes and in the morning, the ship pulls into port. Other ships in the port include the Fairing Fowl, the Rising Eagle, and the Floating Pearl, Baron Burmeck’s ship. All of a sudden, the Forgotten Wings is attacked by a swarm of tiny crabs! Feylanna casts WINDWALL and Falda casts BURNING HANDS to keep the crabs at bay. Riga saves a group of people and Dominic heals a couple, saving them from certain death.

Finally free of the crab swarm, the party makes its way to docks. There is a Cleric of Ram that seems to be tricking people into having sex with sheep for payment by transforming the sheep into beautiful women without the buyer’s knowledge. The group walks in the direction of Gandrella’s place but Dominic sees Usuna from the Gilded Grace in the marketplace. Usuna repeats that she needs crushed up gemstones to cure the party of the Tears of Mawramei curse. They ask her if she knows a healer in town that can cure ghoul fever and she directs them to a man named Mr Malakis. They make their way there and he demands payment in order to cure Falda. Falda offers up his dancing shoe and Mr. Malakis accepts. He gives the money to Usuna to start the ritual and cure Falda of his Hollow…

Relieved of the Demon Head

Today’s date: 21 day of the Ram moon

While walking through the ship, Riga decides to speak with the adherent to the Cult of the Unborn God. The cultist says that the portents are here and the Unborn God is coming soon. Riga asks if the Unborn God is related to Tira and the cultist says that in the sense that the Unborn God has the blood of Mir and so does Tira, so they are related in that way. The man says that he is traveling to the Ram’s Horn Festival and hopes that the fertility rites will speed up the birth of the Unborn God and that the sign will be obvious when it happens. Riga casts UNSEEN SERVANT to rock the cradle for the cultist so he can take a break.

Back in the cabin, a meal of a large fish, potatoes, and beer is delivered to the cabin. They are about to eat when the fish turns to Dominic and says, “Don’t trust the rats.” Dominic shakes his head to clear it and asks the rest of the group if they heard what happened. They didn’t, and to prove it, Falda takes an enormous chunk of fish and starts chowing down. The group hears a rumor that there was a mysterious dwarf seen on deck and that Billy Ryefield was saying that it was the ghost of Shortreef Roger. The party knows that it was probably Wintersun and they go on deck.

Billy Ryefield tells Feylanna about the ghost of Shortreef Roger and the increase in piracy in the area. Roger’s accomplice was a large Miri warrior called the Sea Fox. The Sea Fox killed his crew with something similar to the Abaresk Plague to escape capture; is he possibly the Albino Prince? Before that, he kidnapped Lady Linden, the daughter of King Valdemar. It was said that she fell in love with the Sea Fox during her captivity. She was ransomed and returned and a crusade against the pirates was undertaken. Lady Linden was then engaged to Sir Aaron Grimes, the Captain of the Marin Ram. Legend has it that he was given the Gisborn, given to him by his father from King Valdemar as a wedding present. However, Lady Linden called off the wedding, presumably because she was still in love with the Sea Fox. After telling his tales, Billy invites the group to a play written by a famous Lebsmouth playwright at the keep, called the Seduction of Lady Moss. At the news of this, Falda grows more sullen than normal. He says that the playwright is his probably his real father and that he doesn’t want to see him.

Dominic, chock full of Lebsmouth knowledge, shares what he knows of the Huesholms (all this information will be on the Wiki). Huesholms are a legendary family in Lebsmouth with the current head being Baron Henrik Huesholm. Gilhorn Huesholm was the first king of Lebsmouth, and the Huesholm line reigned until King Hengel I fled Lebsmouth in 525 as the city was being ravaged by the Abaresk Plague and on the threshold of the Decade of Winter.

When Lebsmouth was resettled after the Decade of Winter, Vandril Gelgar claimed the throne, but took Hengel’s daughter Linden as his wife, and she gave birth to King Hengel II. The Gelgar and Huesholm families intermarried again in 630 when King Gorm II Gelgar married Emilda Huesholm, the great grandmother of current King Hengel IV.

The Huesholms are revered among the Miri as a family of pure Miri blood whose lineage goes back to first Miri. The family has several albinos, and it is considered a sign of their purity of Mir blood. The family were founders and first kings of the city of Huesholm on Lake Miri, but King Darmokim Huesholm renounced the throne and sent his sons in search of the Darmiras Path instead of becoming Kings of Huesholm. Howerver, his son Gilhorn managed to become King of Lebsmouth instead.

Back in their cabin, Dominic is swaddled for an hour and then a fish that Feylanna caught earlier is served up. The door is knocked upon and Wintersun is invited in. Negotiations ensure about what to do with the Kolban Egg and how the Kolban Egg is not to be used if it is returned to Wintersun and the Kolbans. The negotiations haven’t been completed and all parties agree to resume in the future, but Wintersun does agree to take Hailstone’s head and give it the proper Kolban burial rituals.

Oh Rats

Today’s date: 21 day of the Ram moon

After Falda misses Wintersun on the deck, he decides to return to the cabin to sleep. On his way back, Riga gives him a Plague Rat Belt that will assist him in fending off his illness. Falda gives Dominic a book entitled Nobles of Lebsmouth and Dominic decides to go back to the cabin as well to read it. Feylanna and Riga remain on deck and see the southern tip of Mossland. Feylanna’s sharp eyes also see a strange grouping of seagulls coming towards them. After a few minutes, the seagull grouping reaches the ship and starts flying around, being nuisances to the crew and shitting all over the deck.

Feylanna goes to the cabin and notifies Dominic. Dominic decides to go up and peek his head out of the ship to take a look. This turns out to be a mistake as one of the seagulls dive bombs Dominic’s face. Luckily, he is able to dodge out of the way and Feylanna grabs the bird with her quick reflexes and kills it. She says she’s seen something similar and that Dominic should return to the cabin. He listens to Feylanna and once he does, the birds in the sky depart. The ship’s crew take this time to clean themselves and the deck of the massive amounts of bird droppings. Dominic casts DETECT MAGIC on the dead bird, but doesn’t find any residual traces of magic on it.

Meanwhile, Falda has an encounter with Wintersun, still in dwarf form, inside of the cabin. Wintersun again tried to make a deal with the party for getting the Kolban Egg back and, in return, offered to lift the veil on who betrayed the group and who stole the Kolban Egg from them. Falda demands assurances from Wintersun that the Kolban Egg won’t be used to harm the Miri people. Wintersun disappears soon after that.

Falda explains his encounter to everybody else and they discuss what to do with the Kolban Egg once they get it back (assuming they get it back). The Kolban Egg can be given to the Temple of Nesciec, Baron Burmeck, Wintersun, OR the group can just keep it to use for themselves (Falda’s idea). While the conversation is taking place, dinner of fish, potatoes, and beer is delivered to the room. The discussion turns to Gandrella, who is Ben’s great grandaunt. She lives in Mossland in Reachport and the group talks about meeting up with her. As the hour is getting late, Dominic is swaddled for an hour, then takes watch while the rest sleep.

During the night, Dominic notices a rat in the hallway that seems to be gesturing to him to follow. Dominic follows the rat to the ship’s lower deck storeroom and is swarmed by hundreds upon hundreds of rats. He claws his way back above and alerts his companions to what happened. They have the ship’s crew search the hold, but no rats are found. Falda doesn’t believe Dominic’s story. Riga says that Pravus had the same problem of aggressive animals around the Ram’s Horn time as well. It is then that everybody notices the Ring of Protection that Falda wears is missing again. Feylanna doesn’t have it this time, but Riga has a hunch and checks the box that is holding Hailstone’s head. The ring is inside of Hailstone’s mouth…

Gale Sticks Can't Sink Ships

Today’s date: 20 day of the Ram moon, 797

The ship is still being forced towards the mist-tree due to a gale stick, a fey creature that wants to get the wood from ships and is willing to sink them and kill their passengers to do so. Riga grabs Billy Ryefield from below deck and asks him if he knows of any way to defeat the gale stick, but all he can come up with is that it would be susceptible to cold iron. Falda basically summons an entire zoo, creating wasps and sharks and eagles and a rowboat full of monkeys to go and attack the gale stick at the center of the mist-tree. The gale stick summons lightning and blasts some of the creatures out of existence. Dominic casts COMMUNAL RESIST ENERGY to protect the party from electricity, but forgets about Falda’s current divine magic curse and Falda gets thrown back into mist form again. Dominic’s memory is terrible.

Falda is able to reconstitute in the water. The rest of the party gets in the last rowboat and rows out towards the mist-tree, picking up Falda along the way. As they get closer to the mist-shaped tree, they see the gale stick. It is a male with silver-blue hair, smooth features, and is about as tall as a human. He is armed with a staff and is able to float. Riga tries to reason with it, but the gale stick doesn’t listen and combat starts!

The fey casts MIRROR IMAGE and suddenly there are multiple images of it. Falda casts SPIDER CLIMB on Riga and summons a wasp to collect the staff from the fey creature. Feylanna shoots her bow with uncanny accuracy and is able to cut down the number of images the group has to deal with. Riga stabs the fey with the cold iron trident. The wasp manages to snag the staff and Falda kills the fey by casting HEAVENLY FIRE.

The group returns to the Forgotten Wings as victors. Billy Ryefield gives them the use of his first-class cabin for the duration of the trip out of appreciation. Falda takes advantage of the private room and studies the staff, which turns out to be a SHOCKING QUARTERSTAFF +1 [ Party Equipment updated]. Dominic gets swaddled and rests for an hour; when he wakes up, a meal of fresh fish is delivered to the cabin and they all eat.

After dinner, Feylanna and Riga go to the ship’s captain and ask him about Pentrop. They find out Pentrop was picked up in Foggy Hollow by the Rokis Flier ship, which took him to Klintmark. The captain heard pirates were in the waters surrounding Klintmark. Feylanna and Riga return to the cabin, but on the way back, Riga tells Feylanna that an aura surrounds her and that Hailstone is somehow connected to Feylanna. Riga, Feylanna, and Falda go to sleep while Dominic keeps watch outside of the room.

In the morning, Falda looks terrible, most likely from the encounter with the ghouls. Dominic and Feylanna talk to the ship’s doctor and get some herbs that, while not healing Falda, will keep the sickness at bay for a while. Falda notices his ring is missing again and it turns up in Feylanna’s possession again. Apparently, she took it in her sleep and put it on. She sheepishly returns the ring to Falda.

The group notices frost on the windows and an iceberg in the sea, neither of which is normal. A dwarven stranger that they haven’t seen before approaches them on the deck and introduces himself as Wintersun. His pupils are oval and resemble Hailstone’s eyes, so he is probably another ice demon. Wintersun says he serves Kolban, whom he calls the unwanted child of the Petrified Lady and Lord Hammer, and wants to make a deal. He offers assistance in retrieving the Kolban Egg and in return, the party will be compensated. Wintersun also says the Cober Stone is less important than the Kolban Egg. Falda wants to attack Wintersun, but the demon disappears before it can happen.

Dominic's Memory is Foggy

Today’s date: 19 day of the Ram moon, 797

The group meets at the docks and hands in their passes for the Forgotten Wings ship. On the way up the gangplank, Falda produces the newly-created axe to Riga. There is a halfling courier on board the ship by the name of Billy Ryefield. Falda asks Billy to tell the story of the Illuminated Lady and Billy launches into a tale of how a young pregnant woman named Linda was betrayed by a sailor named Mr. Dark aboard a ship. Linda’s husband was stabbed and she and her unborn child were thrown overboard. She now haunts the seas while looking for her husband. Unlucky ships see a light and follow it, but fall into the Sinkwell. This is why she is called the Illuminated Lady.

Billy also talks about other things, such as the ulats, which are half-fish and half-men that love the flesh of children and women, and the Lonely Mist, which is a spirit with fey servants called Gale Sticks. When the Miri came to Mossland, only Fey lived there. The Miri chopped down the trees where spirits lived and built ships. The spirits resided in the wood of the ships and became Lonely Mists, which want to reclaim their bodies by making ships sink. Riga asked Billy if he knows Gandrella and Billy says yes. Lastly, Billy mentions that the captain of the Forgotten Wings had a tryst with a fey lady and hasn’t set food on land in the last twenty years.

As a courier working for Count Vico, Billy also shares that Count Vico had captured a Wizard of Winter (possibly Mr Glass) and put him on a ship bound for Lebsmouth. The ship got caught in a blizzard created by an ice demon (possibly Hailstone) and Mr Glass was freed.

The party settles down to dinner and eats a salty gruel. Dominic finishes eating and then excuses himself to guard the sleeping quarters per Falda’s request. Falda studies the Ilfo Kresto poems as he thinks there is an allegory to the Kolban Egg in there. Riga and Felylanna swaddle Dominic to rest for an hour. In his “sleep”, Dominic senses a darkness and feels dead hands pulling him towards it. One of the dead is Hailstone.

In the morning, Falda and Dominic are seasick. Dominic casts CURE DISEASE on Falda and Falda turns into a fog, getting carried off the ship. Luckily he reconstitutes and falls into the water. Falda summons a shark to carry him back to the ship and Dominic reminds himself to not cast divine spells on Falda. In his anger, Falda throws a punch at Dominic, but misses. In the sleeping quarters, Feylanna meets an adherent to the Unborn God of Lebsmouth travelling with an empty cradle. Feylanna questions him and he says that the cradle will remain empty until the unborn becomes reborn.

After breakfast consisting of gruel and some bread, the group hears hail hitting the deck for approximately fifteen minutes. There is a commotion above and suddenly, the ship is attacked by humanoid creatures with bat-like wings and scales. The party is able to defeat the attackers, but not before Dominic forgets the restriction on Falda and inadvertently uses a spell on Falda, turning him into fog once more.

The ship itself is being drawn towards a tree formed by mists…

Farewell to Malvo

Today’s date: 18 day of the Ram moon, 797

As the group walks towards Stableman’s, a little past the Golden Tiger casino, Feylanna feels like she is being choked by an invisible hand. It stops after a few minutes, but it is definitely concerning to everybody. Back at Stableman’s, it is noticed that the front gate is open with no guard posted. Feylanna notices a zombie hand in the middle of the courtyard and shoots it with an arrow, but it doesn’t move. Apparently it is already dead (again). Everybody except Dominic sneaks into the courtyard, but the effect is ruined when Falda slips on some blood and unceremoniously falls into a door. As stealth is ruined, Dominic joins them inside.

In an office, there is a dead guard surrounded by two dead hands. Feylanna notices a small wooden case on the table and Riga casts MAGE HAND to open the box. There is a scroll inside and a set of four tokens with wings engraved on them. Riga is about to MAGE HAND the scroll open, but Falda snatches the scroll and starts to read it. It is a letter from Root saying how he booked passage for everybody on a ship called the Forgotten Wings to Reachport. The party goes upstairs to check out the rest of the building and finds Malvo dead on the floor in Frank’s old room. Malvo is missing both hands and a leg and there is a rat stuffed in his mouth. There are white hand prints all over the walls and the stench of death permeates the room. Feylanna notices that there are cuts of meat taken from Malvo. All of a sudden, Feylanna starts speaking with the corpse of Malvo! Malvo identifies the man who cut him as Vasil Kabrill, the chef at the Manfodder restaurant, who also screamed out something about the Albino Prince. Malvo also says that his soul will never rest.

The group leaves and alerts the town guard of what happened. On the way there, Dominic asks Feylanna how she spoke with the corpse and she says she doesn’t know, that this is the first time she has ever did it. Strange. At the guard post, Sergeant Leddy travels back to Stableman’s with them and sees the carnage. He posts two guards at the crime scene and departs with the other two guards. Before he leaves, he makes the group promise that they will check in with Inspector Dutaro in the morning and they agree. The party makes their way to the Rocking Chair inn and gets two rooms for 15 sp. Riga wants a bath and they make their way to a nearby bathhouse where Falda pays for baths. Also included are biscuits and tea. Before everybody gets in the bath, Dominic asks to be swaddled and they make fun of him about how he asked. But his request is granted and he is swaddled and rests while the rest bathe and get clean. After an hour, everyone returns to the Rocking Chair where a two CURE MODERATE WOUND potions are consumed [ PARTY EQUIPMENT adjusted].

Dominic restlessly stands guard outside of the rooms while everybody else sleeps. He takes note of Feylanna coming out of her room and going into Falda’s. Dominic’s not sure what is going on, but doesn’t say anything. After a few minutes, she returns to her room. Dominic checks on Falda, but he is sleeping. Dominic then wakes up Feylanna but she has no memory of leaving her room. It turns out, she apparently sleep-walked and took the RING OF PROTECTION +1 from Falda, but she returned it to him. She also apparently was singing in the bathhouse but had no memory of that either. Feylanna says she heard a girl’s voice as well, but she was the only one to hear it. Everyone except Dominic goes back to sleep.

In the morning, the group eats their breakfast of bread and jam in the common room. Feylanna notices Falda is a bit injured and heals him without his permission, causing him to cry at the table. He then storms out of the inn. Feylanna follows him, but Falda turns invisible and makes his way back to the smithy. Everyone else meets up with Inspector Dutaro of the city guard at Stableman’s and gives him the rundown of the events that occurred the prior night.

Inspector Dutaro believes that the group wasn’t involved in the deaths, but wants them out of his city nonetheless due to all the weird murders that happen in their presence. He also mentions that Sergeant Leddy never reported back in and is now missing. Riga assures him that the group is leaving town for a short while and the party buys rations for 5 gp and then swings by the smithy to pick Falda up.

At this point, it comes to the group’s attention that the Albino Prince was the one that stole the Kolban Egg and that Glass might be the power behind him. Squire Porte is informed about the failure of the Kolban Egg retrieval and he wants to know the location of the rune nest. He was told that the Temple of Nessiac knows the location. Falda wrote down the runes for the ritual for Squire Porte and the group leaves. They decide to do some shopping and purchase 3 CURE LIGHT WOUND potions + 100 arrows for Feylanna.

Not Egg-actly What Was Hoped For

Today’s date: 17 day of the Ram moon, 797

As late evening falls, Riga hears voices outside, singing in Cloudwalker. The group, minus Falda, go outside and see a Cloudwalker mob at the gate, led by Rendo Dugal and including Riga’s father. Rendo proclaims Riga is the savior, the yoke of Nessiac will not hold them down, and they will all enter the Temple of the White Dawn. Riga stands at the gate and gives them all platitudes, which Rendo constantly spins to fit their religious beliefs. The cult finally leaves.

Another guest appears and the guard introduces him as Silivar Reem. Riga claims he is a contact from The Shaded Lamp and is a trader of instruments. Dominic notices that he bears a very strong resemblance to Shren Zargil and is quite confused until Riga says Silivar, whose real name is Kasper, changes his appearance quite often. Riga tells the rest of the group that Kasper told her that a rune nest has been found and that the party must leave right away to get to it to summon the egg. Unfortunately, there are also reports of ghouls in that area.

Kasper meets the party across the valley and enters the window of a building in an alley, where they find themselves in a store room. Kasper asks everybody to refrain from drawing weapons and casting spells while inside of the temple and enters a magical doorway. Another man, looking very similar to Kasper, meets them on the other side and pulls them (minus Kasper) through another magical tiled door to the room containing the rune nest. Dominic and Feylanna lose their footing on the way in and unceremoniously fall to the floor. The inside of the room stinks of carcass and there are small cages made out of bones that are holding rats. There are rune markings in a circle in the middle of the room and white hand markings all around the wall.

Feylanna notices a ghoul peering down from a hole in the ceiling and fires an arrow at it, hitting it. The ghoul shouts out “Praise to the Albino Prince!” and it drops down to the floor along with three other ghouls. Battle ensues! During this confrontation, Dominic, Feylanna, and Falda fall prey to ghoul bites and get paralyzed. Riga is able to hold off the ghouls for a bit until the paralysis wears off on some of them. Unfortunately for them, a ghoul cleric has joined forces with the other enemies, including many zombified hands. Dominic prays to the power of Leben and channels, killing most of the hands and felling one ghoul. Falda manages to slay the ghoul cleric by burning it with a SCORCHING RAY spell. Dominic searches the body and gets some assorted jewelry [added to PARTY EQUIPMENT].

Falda starts the ritual at the rune nest while the rest of the group remains on guard to protect him from other ghouls. Suddenly, a giant white hand the size of a pony appears in the circle instead of the Kolban Egg. Riga stabs it and barely dodges a spray of puss that comes out of it. The hand grapples Riga while Dominic casts PRAYER on the group and lets the power of Leben wash over them, enhancing their abilities. Again, Falda is able to heroically kill the hand with a SCORCHING RAY spell without burning Riga. The fact that Falda is slaying all these monsters will definitely not resolve his arrogance issues!

The group is very confused about what just happened, but Falda explains that the Kolban Egg was most likely summoned away from where it once was and replaced by the giant hand as a trap for the party. The Kolban Egg was possibly stolen by Baron Burmeck. Falda says that the ritual rune papers that Dominic “sold” (even though he didn’t) were probably used to steal the Kolban Egg. Dominic lets his temper get the better of him and tells Falda that pages were found missing out of Ilfar Kresto’s journal, which was in Falda’s possession. This only serves to enrage Falda and cause him to doubt all of the party’s trustworthiness. Dominic realizes he made a mistake in bringing it up, but the damage is done. The party decides to return to Stableman’s for the evening for a late meal and then some sleep and then plan what to do in the morning.

Don't Axe Him Any Questions

Today’s date: 17 day of the Ram moon, 797

Riga and Feylanna are are served a meal at Baron Burmeck’s residence at the conclusion of their meeting with him. While eating, Feylanna notices two Kofarbo pieces in the shape of wolves being displayed. These pieces are similar to the ones seen in Ilfar Kresto’s tomb. Feylanna recalls playing Kofarbo a long time ago and expresses a desire to seek out a Kofarbo set. Their meal finished, Feylanna leaves to go to Stone Street to visit Do Krevis, the dwarven jeweler, to see if he has one.

In the meantime, Dominic is at the Femo Zekis Repository and he successfully located a book on Kolban burial rites. Dominic copied down the appropriate prayers into his notebook and returned the book to the shelf. Suddenly, he hears a woman’s voice in the formerly empty room and comes across a Solomon woman. She introduces herself as Usuna from the Gilded Grace, a mercenary priesthood that can do rituals for a price. She speaks with Dominic about topics regarding the Rokis Curse and asks if he knows the originator, which he doesn’t. She then pauses abruptly and looks started, noticing the blackness in Dominic’s eyes, which he and the rest got in Miragenon. She calls it the “Tears of Marwramei” or the “Tears of the Blasphemer” and says they call it the Blasphemer because Mawramei hates the gods and everything that is holy. Usuna says that if a person who is afflicted with the Tears of Mawramei dies without being cured, they will linger in some form after death. She offers a cure but says it involves rare gems and the price is 1,200 gp per person.

Usuna also says that Dominic’s affliction of not being able to sleep can be temporarily solved by him being swaddled in a thick blanket to deprive all senses for an hour. He is warned though that somebody must wake him up since he won’t wake up on his own and can die if left undisturbed. Dominic tells her about Riga’s affliction about not being able to taste properly and she says that, while not inherently dangerous, it can become dangerous since Riga is dulled to pain and cannot tell when she is hurt. Dominic tells her that he will return to contact her once he tells the rest of the group all of this news.

In the meantime, Feylanna returns to Stableman’s carrying a brand new set of Kofarbo with all 120 pieces. She sees Dominick there and asks him if he wants to play. He declines because he is restless, but he watches her open the instruction book and start to dig in.

Riga and Falda are walking about town and are ambushed by a dwarven hunter of Kolban and his attack dog and barely survive. Falda was almost kidnaped by the dwarf, but the attempt failed and the hunter and dog both escaped capture. They both return to Stableman’s where Dominic notices how injured they are and channels a healing. Oddly, Falda screams that he doesn’t want to be healed by Dominic and storms up to his room. Riga says that Falda doesn’t trust Dominic since the copies of the Kolban rune went missing. Riga goes upstairs, searches Falda’s possessions, and discovers that there are pages missing from the journal of Ilfar Kresto. Riga tries to find Falda, but it appears Falda climbed out of the window and away from Stableman’s.

Feylanna and the rest track Falda’s passage to Do Krevis, the jeweler, and find out that he sold something to get money. Do Krevis is asked whether or not he knows anything about a dwarven hunter and he says he has heard of the existence of a Kolban hunter society. He also says he will keep an ear out and let the group know if he hears any more info about their location. Everyone finally tracks down Falda at a weaponsmith’s place of business and see that he is busy constructing a new axe. Falda sees Feylanna watching him and screams at her to leave him alone. Feylanna keeps watch on Falda while Riga and Dominic return to Stableman’s and question Freddy.

Freddy comes clean and admits his name is Ash and that he turned in approximately 60 humans to the ghouls for food. Riga and Dominic escort Ash to his home and meet his wife. Unfortunately, one of their daughters, Fiona, was just killed the night before by being strangled by a white hand! Could it have been Ash’s zombified hand? Riga gives the wife 9 sp and tells the family to use the money to leave the city for their own safety. Riga and Dominic then return to Stableman’s.

Back at Stableman’s, Malvo has bought and made dinner for everyone after Riga gave him some money for the mercenary team’s services. The entire group eats, even Riga who says the food is bland, except for Falda, who goes upstairs to sulk. Riga brings food up to Falda’s room. Riga and Feylanna then swaddle up Dominic so he can rest and then wake him after an hour. Dominic feels better, but while he was enshrouded by the blankets, he felt a presence with him…

A Ghoulish Time

Today’s date: 17 day of the Ram moon, 797

After riding along the docks scouting for the Rising Eagle and finding no sign of it, Reynard halted the cart at the harbor master’s office and Riga and Falda went inside to enquire about the Rising Eagle. Dominic jumped off the cart and started pacing restlessly along the docks while Feylanna and Reynard chatted cozily on the cart. After a long wait, Riga and Falda finally came back out. It was dusk now. Dominic rush over, everyone mounted back on the cart, and Reynard set out for Stableman’s.

Crossing into the Valley night had relieved day, and the guard at the gate warned that ghouls were still roaming the city by dark, though they did not appear to engage groups, so he cautioned to they together. The streets in the Valley were quiet and mostly empty, and the cart was a mere few blocks away from Stableman’s when Feylanna called a halt. She said she saw a strange glowing black aura in an alley and, in fact, all of us, with the exception of Reynard, were surrounded by it. The group jumps out of the cart, goes into the alley, and sees a suspicious looking man at the other end of it holding one hand behind his back. His other hand is apparently a crawling hand! The zombified hand quickly scuttles across the ground and down a grate. Feylanna looks down the grate and sees a ghoul, quickly drawing her bow and firing two arrows at it, hitting it twice.

Riga rushes past Feylanna and knocks over the one-handed human at the end of the alley, but then skids to a stop as she almost runs into two more ghouls walking into view. Dominic runs forward while shouting a prayer to Leben and a burst of positive energy flows out of him, killing the ghoul in the grate and injuring the other two down the alley. Feylanna aims at them and fires two more arrows, killing them both. Combat done, they turn their attention to interrogating the one-armed man, who says his name is Freddy.

Freddy seems very shifty. He tells a story of how his former neighbor Tellis, now one of the ghouls they just killed, forced him to cut off his hand to save his family. Freddy also claims the ghouls wanted him to lead them to a refugee family in order to eat them. The party has a difficult time trusting Freddy because he seems to not know how many children he has. The group informs the nearest town guard patrol and they get to work disposing of the ghoul corpses.

The party doesn’t want to leave Freddy to his own devices so they take him with them to Stableman’s. There, they meet up with Malvo, the head of the mercenaries tasked to guard the boarding house. Malvo lets them know that a Cloudwalker was asking about Riga the other day. While walking around, Feylanna and Riga notice a Kolban rune scrawled upon a door. It is a “Hunter’s Prey” rune approximately three days old, according to Feylanna. It means that there is a Kolban hunter out there who is claiming them for a hunt. The group decides to leave the rune there as it is easier to deal with one hunter that they know about than multiple unknown hunters. They decide to go find the family of refugees that Freddy was going to lead the ghouls to and find them a safe haven.

Everybody loads into Reynard’s cart and they make their way to the location of the refugees. In an abandoned building, they find 9 people: an older man, his wife, a mother, and her six children. They are loaded into the wagon and taken to a nearby orphanage for safety. An initiate of Mir runs the orphanage and he is moved to allow the refugees into his place after some gold pieces are exchanged. Once that is done, the group returns to Stableman’s to figure out a plan. A discussion about getting access to a Cober Stone takes place because the Cober Stone can apparently move the Kolban Egg whilst also cancelling its cold effects. It is decided that the next day, the group will book a ship to get to the Fairing Fowl while Dominic visits the Femo Zekis Repository in order to research Kolban burial rites and prayers. Dominic stays in the room where Frank died, keeping guard on the untrustworthy Freddy.

However, there is a disturbance in the night! Riga runs into Dominic’s room and asks if Dominic heard any sounds or voices. Riga claims she heard a voice saying “The city remembers, the city cries, the city mourns.” in Cloudwalker. It is at this time that Dominic also realizes that the paper he wrote the Kolban Egg ritual runes on is now missing! As he and Riga are discussing this, they notice a white hand mark above where Freddy was sleeping. Freddy couldn’t have done it since he was sleeping and the hand mark was the hand that Freddy is missing. Strange things are afoot!

In the morning, Riga’s father appears at Stableman’s and she greets him by kneeing him in the groin. After that, he tells Riga that she will restore the Cloudwalkers to glory and that he wants her to visit a church service held in a bar called Driftwood down by the docks. Riga promises she will and her father departs. After that, an official comes with five soldiers and says that he is to escort the group to an audience with Baron Burmeck, the Protector of the Sanguine Docks District. Falda, Riga, and Feylanna go with them while Dominic travels to the Femo Zekis Repository with Reynard. Freddy is staying under the mercenaries’ guard at Stableman’s.

Dominic arrives on Prayer’s Pass Street and enters the Femo Zekis Repository. There, he meets with Linda Zekis, who is acquainted with Dominic’s father. He tells her about the Kolban burial rite subject matter and she brings him to a large area cramped with bookshelves. Dominic, being a scribe, is no stranger to research and eagerly hunts through the shelves.

The rest of the group arrives at Baron Burmeck’s residence and is met by Squire Porte, who brings them to the baron, who is protected by two wolves. Baron Burmeck wants to know about the location of the Kolban Egg and says he is in the unique position of being the only person to properly protect it from the Wizards of Winter. Baron Burmeck admits that he has the Cober Stone and that the party can use it if they bring the Kolban Egg to him. He also says he knows about the Albino Prince and the Tomb of Ilfar Kresto. Baron Burmeck says finding the rune nest and clearing it of ghouls is a job for Mr Gold. He also confirms that Sir Barry was killed by his servant Ben and that Sir Barry’s body is on the Fairing Fowl. Burmeck offers use of a ship to the group for their own purposes.

Falda leaves the room with Squire Porte…


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