Lebites usually have a frail build, but are primarily characterized by their facial features; a low forehead, dark silky hair, and unusually wide mouths. Their skin has an olive tone, and they have barely any body or facial hair, and their eyes are a lively turquoise, it is said that the river runs through them. However, what is more often said about Lebites (by the Miri) is that they are cowards, and that they talk too much and discuss endlessly. The Lebites have, however, managed to do very well under Miri rule and prosper in trade.

Lebite culture is said to have started in the area where the city of Vieland lies now and spread up and down the Leben River. The Lebites have a long tradition of fishing and trading, and they have very little appetite for battle beyond defending their settlements. They have a culture of stakeholder negotiated decision making and weak leaders, so when the Miri arrived in the Leben region, the Lebites offered little resistance in being usurbed.

When the first Miri arrived in the Leben Region over 600 years ago, they welcomed as trading partners and migrant settlers, but when the Miri caught on to the lack of leadership of the Lebites, they simply claimed rulership, and the Lebites continued their lives under Miri rule with very little changed, except that they now had fewer decisions to make.

Many Lebites even appreciated the Miri, because they took on the culturally undesirable role of governing, and the Miri proved much better at fending off the Gani raiders, who had long been a nuisance to Lebite Settlements.

Lebites sometimes intermarry with Miri, but no very much with the Gani due to historic and cultural animosity.

Many Lebites fear the open waters of the sea and prefer the river.


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