Root Letter

Dearest Friends,

Good times may soon return to our cherished Tirastrand again. Count Rivett has graciously supplied us with a sufficient stock of food to sustain us until we can regain our footing.

However, the danger is not completely passed. Recent events in Lebsmouth has put a strain on the food supply there, and it is unlikely that any more shipments will be allowed to leave the mainland, which means that we must make do with what we have in the hull for now and raise our own abundant crops for the future.

That is why I’m inviting you to join me for Count Vico’s Ram’s Horn Feast, so that we may give tribute together and ensure the future fertility of Tirastrand’s fields and keep hunger from the homes of our friends and family.

I have enclosed passes for passage on the ship Forgotten Wings, which will depart the Sanguine Docks at noon on the eighteenth day of Ram, and should arrive in Reachport in time for evening feast.

Your Friend Always,

Root Hanson

Root Letter

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