RTC Letter

Dearest Father,

    I am sorry I have not written in so long, but I am very close to resolving our family curse. I know what you think, but I am not mother, I am much more like grandmother. You cannot save me or protect me from this, I have to do it this way, and don’t worry, it is not like the Cradle of Rofin.

    I have met a man called Odemar, and he has connected me with someone who knows the answers I have been seeking, and grandmother was seeking. It will be dangerous, but Alvus stands by me in everything unwaveringly, and I must put an end to this before it kills me. I cannot live like this, and I do not want to risk the same for my baby.

    Yes, you are going to be a grandfather, and I promise to bring your grandchild home as soon as possible. Alvus thinks it will be a girl, and if it is, we will name her Mira after mother. If it is a boy we will probably name him after Alvus’ father, Pravus.

 Blessings & Love

Medea Rokis

Note from Arnold:
In the discussion that ensues following the reveal of the letter, Dominick learns that YES this is indeed the Pravus of our former acquaintance. That both of Pravus’s parents are deceased.

His mother died in a shipwreck turned haunt and patrols the surface of the ocean as a ghostly apparition carrying a lantern known by sailors and tale tellers as “The Illuminated Lady.” she is surrounded by what appear to be drowned figures. The figures are in fact undead and when would be do gooders are lured in close, they rise and attempt to add to their numbers.

Pravus’s father was eventually driven mad by the Black Fey of Thorman’s haunted mill searching for a resolution to the Rokis curse. Pravus took up his father’s quest, but being trapped in Miragenon for 2 years took a toll on his mind as well. The lure of the other realm always tugged at him and he has once again slipped beyond the veil of reality. The crew sincerely hopes that they will have the opportunity to encounter him again and hopefully help him free himself from his curse and his burgeoning madness.

RTC Letter

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